Schaerer Medical AG specialises in the development and manufacturing of high-quality mobile operating tables for all surgical disciplines. The product portfolio of Schaerer Medical is complemented by surgical accessories as well as by special solutions for minimal invasive surgery. All Schaerer-products are developed in close collaboration with Switzerland’s leading surgeons and scientists. They meet the highest demands in terms of quality and handling. Continuous practical development work combined with the well-known Swiss precision guarantee the quality of all Schaerer-products.


Schaerer Operating Tables

With its operating tables series schaerer® axis 200-300, schaerer® axis 400-800 and the schaerer® arcus models, Schaerer covers all price segments and application areas; the schaerer® axis series 400-800 has been leading in the market for many years. The application areas of Schaerer operating tables are manifold: General surgery, neurosurgery, traumatology, anaesthesia, urology, gynaecology and orthopaedics through to paedriatics. Schaerer’s mobile operating tables can be used in hospitals as well as in ambulances.

Schaerer operating tables meet highest ergonomic requirements and are extremely resilient. With their functional characteristics and their extremely long lifetime of more than 20 years, schaerer® axis operating tables are quality leader in the market. The eccentric telescopic column of this series ensures unhindered access to the surgical field. It also provides maximum freedom for X-raying and the use of image amplifiers. All central control systems of the operating tables are guided by microprocessors. Head and leg plates are equipped with electro-hydraulic height and direction adjustment. With this technique, it is possible to accurately adjust the lying area and gently position the patient for the surgery. With its individually adjustable beach chair position, schaerer® axis operating tables are especially interesting for neurosurgical and ENT procedures. Thanks to its construction, schaerer® axis 800 provides the best freedom of room in the market for the application of X-ray and image intensifiers.

The schaerer® axis 200-300 series is especially designed for ambulatory surgery. Thanks to their modular design, these tables can be applied for all purposes. They are very reliable, cost-effective and easy to handle. The hydraulic system of schaerer® axis 200-300 is adjustable and can be handled electro-hydraulically and manual-hydraulically.

The Operating tables of the schaerer® arcus series combine mobility with a unique design and state-of-the-art technology. The space-saving construction of the tables provides maximum freedom of room for the surgeon; it allows the unrestricted access to the operation field. As of summer 2009, the new generation of schaerer® arcus 501-701 are available. They have standard heavyweight functionalities and can be used for patients with a weight of up to 360 kilos. This generation of the operating tables also has a new control concept. The wide range of accessories matches perfectly well with the schaerer® arcus tables ensuring these operating tables are applicable in all surgical disciplines. Thanks to its stability, the schaerer® arcus series is especially suitable for schaerer® MIS-System and other extension systems.


Innovative Technology: schaerer® MIS-System

With its newly developed extension system, schaerer® MIS-System, Schaerer Medical AG sets a new standard for minimal invasive hip surgery. The innovative solution supports challenging surgeries in an ideal way. With schaerer® MIS-System, the operated leg can be maximally moved and precisely positioned. The extension system enables the rotation of the leg in any direction - in rotary as well as in distraction direction. All movements can be executed stageless and in a controlled manner. Compared to common surgery methods, this handling significantly lowers the risk of injuring the abdomen. Due to the free bedding, the new extension system provides the surgeon with maximum freedom of movement. The ergonomic one-hand manual control is comfortable for the surgeon. schaerer® MIS-System is a trendsetting technology. It was developed in close cooperation with the renowned specialists Professor Markus Kuster and Dr. Karl Grob from the hospital Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland. Both are leading international experts in prosthetics and traumatology.


Wide Range of Accessories

The product portfolio of Schaerer Medical is complemented by an extensive arrange of accessories that are perfectly completing the functionality of the operating tables. Among others, the accessories include head holder systems, leg plates and complete retractor systems. As with all other products, Schaerer also sets a high value on perfect handling, high quality and durability of its accessories. Therefore, the company only cooperates with partners in this area whose products have been well established in the market for years. Schaerer partners with the global market leader in neurosurgical equipment: PMI (pro med instruments, Germany) is the producer of the DORO® products offered by Schaerer Medical.


Special Designs Tailored to Customers' Needs

In addition to its existing product portfolio, Schaerer Medical offers a very valuable service: The existing accessory can be adapted for special applications, according to individual needs. In cooperation with their customers, Schaerer Medical also develops customised solutions – for example anaesthesia bows and attaching parts.


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