Eco Shoulder Plate (ESP)

This system has been designed for schaerer® axis 350. The device has two detachable side parts (left and right) to ensure easy and safe patient positioning up to 220 kg/485 lbs patient weight for shoulder surgeries. The head rest system with an integrated ball joint gives full flexibility of the head position. Disposable head pads ensure hygienic procedure.


  1. eco-shoulder-plate 92625 Eco Shoulder Plate (ESP) schaerer® axis 350

  2. 92624 ESP Head Rest System (Head Rest System including a and b)
    a 92626 ESP Head Rest Holder
    b 90899 Head Rest
    c Optional 90566 Helmet, radiolucent (connected to b)

  3. A-90023 Head pad MTS for shoulder plate system (10 pieces)


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