Service and Sales Training, 18th - 20th September 2018, Muensingen, Schweiz

Schaerer Medical looks back to a successful Service and Sales Training in our headquarters at Muensingen.


1809 service sales training

Overall 15 participants from 9 countries took part. Schaerer Medical trained the participating distributors either in service or sales relevant points of the following products:

  • schaerer® axis 350
  • schaerer® axis 400-800
  • schaerer® arcus 501-701
  • schaerer® Modular Traction System (MTS)
  • schaerer® Carbon Spine Frame (CSF)
  • schaerer® Zubehör

The spirit during the training was great and we have got a very good feedback of the motivated participants. We will conduct further training for our partners in 2019.



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