Only for Switzerland: RotexTable® by Condor

Motorized positioning table for lower extremities used for total hip replacement (DAA) or hip arthroscopy.

  • Easy usability
    Motorized 85 cm/34" extension and flexion.

    Direct control by the surgeon via foot switch enhances control and efficiency
    of the procedure.

  • Rotation and Abduction/Adduction

    Manually controlled direct by the surgeon.

  • Traction
    Controlled manually by the surgeon or an assistant.

  • Extended moveability

    Allows extended movements of the hip joint without additional accessories such as femoral hooks. Non-invasive "Hypomochlion" available.

  • Unobstructed approach

    All areas to X-ray can be reached. Leg is positioned lateral to the extension bar
    to optimize the access for the surgeon.

  • Universal connectivity
    Can be used with Schaerer Medical and most other surgical tables through a universal hip positioning units via the table's side rails.

  • Easy assembling and storage
    Tall and slim design on wheels allows easy manoeuverability and assembling. Small foot print requires minimal storage space.

  • Maximum patient weight capacity < 220 kg / 440 lbs
    Depends also on the weight capacity of the table connected and the adapter in use.

  • Disposable shoe insert
    For fast and hygienic patient positioning

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